Hello. Again.

Haim Steinbach says it best!
Haim Steinbach says it best!

Wow! It’s been a while! Sorry bout that! These past two weeks have been a little bit of crazy. We’ll start with two weeks ago…

Monday was a pretty normal day. It was my last official day of practice this season which was happy and sad all at the same time. We had a fun practice and just scrimmaged the whole time. Tuesday we played against the cross country team. Its been a yearly tradition, and it is said that no team has won until this year where we, the soccer team, finally won. It was a lot of fun. Wednesday was our last soccer game and even though we lost we had such a fun time playing. One of our team members was told after the game that they had never had someone who made them laugh throughout the game. That is what Miss Hall’s JV soccer is about though; One big family that can laugh and have fun no matter what. I can’t really remember the rest of this week because it was so long ago! Oh well, moving on to the weekend. Well, last weekend was so much fun even though I really didn’t do anything. On Friday night an all male acappella group came to the school and sang for us and that was pretty cool (aca-awesome).  I spent one night sitting on my bed with Jasmin and Sandra listening to music, sending snapchats, and laughing. On Sunday, disaster struck. I woke up and opened my computer like I do every day, but unlike the other hundreds of times I have opened my computer in the morning, my computer didn’t turn on. I had a mini break down and then pulled myself together and called apple support with Jasmin. A nice gentleman named James picked up the phone and was quite lovely. Even though his advice did not help my situation he was very helpful in calming me down. I ended the conversation with telling him he was the “bomb-dot-com” and he laughed. Hopefully I made his day! I spent the rest of the morning trying everything I could to get my computer back up and running. After another breakdown with the realization that I had a 1000-1500 word essay due Monday morning, I decided that I should get out of my room and put my mind on something else for a while. So, Jasmin, Sandra and I went ice skating. It was a lot of fun, really cold, and I was the only one who fell. But, thankfully it got me to thinking that my computer crashing was not the worst thing in the world.

Now onto this week. This week has been pretty good. Monday was pretty busy but there is something amazing about not having a computer at your fingertips… You actually get your homework done! Tuesday we had out Fall Athletic Banquet and that was good, but incredibly long… On Wednesday our volleyball team played in the playoffs at home! Everyone came out to support and it was so loud in that gym that I still think that I haven’t restored my full hearing back. Unfortunately we lost but the girls played fantastically and their sportsmanship was enough to be proud of. GOOD JOB LADIES! WE’RE SO PROUD!

On Thursday we went to Horizons where Hannah, Jane and I fed and watered baby goats, lambs, rams, and chickens. The chickens was definitely the hardest considering their water was half frozen! But we strong, thoughtful ladies made it through using strength, intellect, and rocks… Later Thursday night there was no study hall because of an arts field trip on Friday that almost half the school was going on. Instead of study hall I went to a photo club meeting and a movie sponsored by the French club. In photo club, I made my first contact sheet from some black and white film photos that I had taken before long weekend. I was so excited with how they turned out.


On Friday I got to sleep in a little bit before I went on the Expressive Arts field trip. First we went to a liberal arts college and looked in their art department and looked at their student work. Then we headed over to a gallery they had that was featuring Haim Steinbach. The exhibit was interesting… Then we went to an outdoor installation at the college and hung out there for a little while and took pictures. Finally we went to a smallish town, Hudson. It was a very cute little t0wn and we wandered around there for a while and enjoyed the beautiful day. Here are some pictures that I took yesterday on this field trip.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well! Hopefully after I get my computer fixed I will start being a better blogger and start blogging somewhat regularly again! A week left till Thanksgiving break and I couldn’t be more excited to go home! Bring it on!


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