The Christmas Tag!

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?

I am personally more of a hot chocolate person. Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows is the absolute best though. Eggnog is a little bit too heavy for me, but it is quite delicious. I usually do a half eggnog, half milk which leaves the taste of the eggnog but makes it lighter. 


Colored lights or White?

I am pretty traditional when it comes to lights… so I would have to go with white lights. I think they are more classy.


Stocking or Presents?

This is a hard one. As a kid I always loved stockings because we opened them before the presents under the tree and it was always more exciting to open our stockings but now a days I prefer presents because they have become more personal as we have grown up. I like giving gifts and seeing people open what you got them.


Give or Receive Gifts?

Whoops, I guess I should have stopped sooner on that last question. I love giving gifts. Sure, receiving gifts is fun, but the reaction of the recipient of your gift is what gift giving is all about. Too great.


Angel or Star?

Probably a star. I feel like angels are more religious than stars and I am not a particularly religious person, however I am educated in religions. Plus, there are five points on a star and five people in my family. 🙂


Open Presents Quick or Slow?

As a kid I always ripped right through my gifts but my parents were really good at trying to get us to savor the moment by taking turns. We would either go from oldest to youngest or youngest to oldest. It made Christmas more special to me.


Warm Fires or Sleigh Rides?

I’ll have to go with warm fires on this one. I have never personally been on a sleigh ride so I can’t say that I enjoy them more than the warmth of a fire. 


Snow Ball Fight or Making Snowmen?

Usually I’d rather go for making a snowman, but I always enjoy a playful snowball fight with the family.


Caroling or Christmas Stories?

I’ve never been caroling or had carolers come to my house, well not that I can remember at least, so I would have to go with Christmas stories. Christmas movies are a big favorite of mine too.


Red or Green?

I personally don’t like red and green together but choosing one is difficult. I like red and white together, but green reminds me more of Christmas with the christmas tree and wreaths.


Fake Tree or Real?

Is this even a question!? Definitely real. The way a real tree makes a house smell… mmmmm. So good. The smell of Christmas trees is one of my favorite smells in the world and we only get it at Christmas.


Were you Naughty or Nice this year?

I don’t think that anyone can say that they were “nice” because everyone has bad days. But, does doing one thing bad make you “naughty”? For the most part I would say I’ve been nice though. 


What’s your favorite Christmas food?

Every Christmas morning we have a Dutch pastry called banketletter. It is a pastry filled with marzipan paste and formed into a letter or a shape, most traditionally an “S” for Sinterklaas, Santa’s Dutch brother. 


Do you shop early or late?

I would say I shop early. Not super early, like in August, but like early December before the madness of Christmas shopping starts.


What’s your favorite Christmas song?

It always jumps between a few different ones but this year it has been between “Grown Up Christmas List” by Kelly Clarkson and “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Michael Buble. I love the sound of Michael Buble’s voice and I could listen to him all day.


Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Yes. I can’t really remember what year or how much snow we had or any of that fun stuff, but I have definitely had a white Christmas. I just remember singing “White Christmas” that year.


What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten?

The best gift I have ever gotten was most definitely a family trip to Holland. For the past two years we have traded in all other presents for a family trip to the Netherlands where we visit my father’s family. This year we couldn’t do that with me at Miss Hall’s and my sister in college because things are so crazy and everyone is home at different times. 


Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Well, of course! There’s Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen and Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen and I do recall the most famous reindeer of all Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.


What is your Christmas wish this year?

Not to sound like a complete cliche but I just want everyone to be happy. I want everyone to be told something nice, a compliment of any kind. That is how I want to make the world a better place. If you can help me by telling anyone something nice and tell them to pass on the kindness! It can be anything as simple as “You look nice today.” or “I love your smile.”


What part of Christmas do you look forward to the most?

I look forward to spending time with my family and creating memories I will never forget.


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