My year in review.

My year started out in Holland. Crazy to think about actually. Fireworks, card games, shopping in European towns, and bike rides. After we were back home we got the newest addition to our family, Mimi.


School was good, and I got closer to my best friend, Corbin.


Spring brought floods in Spruce Pine and the river reached new heights, or well heights I had never seen. The river broke its bank hungry for dirt and trash can lids.

Somewhere around this time I got accepted to Miss Hall’s School and I was out-of-my-mind-excited to be going there.

In May was nominated to be a prom attendant, the nice way of saying the underclassman slaves of prom. It was fun though. Got to hang out with people that I normally wouldn’t and saw more christmas lights than I would ever care to see again.


My sister graduated from high school this year. Quite crazy to think about. It seems like just yesterday we were playing Barbies and playing for hours in the park. Couldn’t be more proud of her though. What a role model.


This summer was a summer of rain, friends, and letters. Friends from all over the world and from all different age groups. I finally found a friend who would write me consistent letters while I was shut off from all society and that was truly something. I got my first DSLR camera and was the photographer for Camp Spring Creek.


After saying goodbye to some of the best friends, little “sisters” and little “brothers”, I had a month until I shipped off to Massachusetts to start a new journey. I decided to start this blog and document my time at Miss Hall’s. So far its been a blast. I will admit that I have just about been worked to death but I’ve made friends and learned things that I would never have experienced.


I also traveled to Arizona with my mom. Warm weather, red rocks, and picture taking. It was absolutely beautiful and being amongst the red rocks of Sedona made me feel so small. It definitely puts the world in perspective.


Being back home has been a real treat. No homework, all-night-internet, home cooked meals, and family. Couldn’t get much better than this.

Well, that pretty much sums up my year in a quick little blog. It has been truly special. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Thank you guys for reading my blogs and giving me a little self-esteem boost that there are people out there that care what I have to say!

In the words of Louis Cole, “Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure!”

I hope you all have a fantastic 2014 and I hope you’ve had a fun-filled, fabulous 2013!


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