Long Time, No Type

Well, look at what a wonderful blogger I am. It appears that I haven’t made an actual post on here since January 2nd. That is over three weeks ago! And on that blog post on January 2nd, I listed my New Years resolutions… one being “Make time to write blog posts every week.” Well, I guess I have already failed at that resolution. But, the point is that I am writing now! 

So, I guess I should start with an excuse for why I have been so absent on my blog… Well, to be honest… this isn’t the best excuse in the world, but I suppose it will do. You see this week was exam week at school, so I have been reviewing, studying, making flash cards, and having mini break downs since I got back to school on January 5th. So far my exams have gone pretty well if I may say so myself. Well, the two exams that I have had so far… Spanish II and U.S. History. I can’t say that I knew every bit of information that was written on the test, but lets face it! I’m not a genius. I feel like I passed them and they will most likely help my grades in those classes… Not hurt them. 

In less than three hours I will take my calculus exam that I am a little nervous for just because I feel like I might get to the test and completely blank everything I have studied. So, I will end this blog post short and start studying hardcore for the next two-ish hours!

Sorry that this blog post is so short and that I have been neglecting my blog this month. I just wanted to let you guys no that I wasn’t dead… just trapped under my books, notes, and flash cards! I hope you have a wonderful day, and I also hope that you are not freezing to death if you are on the east coast. It’s cold out there! STAY WARM!

And in the words of Louis Cole, “Peace out, enjoy life, and life the adventure.”

Oh yeah, and one last thing. Mother Nature, please do not look at the stack of flash cards, notes and books that I have all made out of un-recycled paper. I promise you it is for a good cause and they will most definitely end up in the recycling bin when I am done with them!


Study space is important!
Study snacks are important too!!!


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