News, news, and more news!

Okay, I really need to start making a schedule for myself so that I will actually remember to write blog posts.

Phew! These last few weeks have been busy busy busy for Anina. It seems that the last time I talked to you, I was in the middle of exam week. Exams went pretty well, most of them being better than I thought they would be. Anyway for a quick catch up, here’s what I’ve been up to for the last three weeks or so.

After all of my exams were done I got on a plane and headed back to the wonderful (and warm) state of North Carolina for a long weekend. I know it seems a little ridiculous for me to go all the way back home just to spend three days there, but two months without seeing my family and friends was a bit too long. I got the pleasure of seeing my best friend Corbin who I hadn’t like really hung out with since Thanksgiving, so I was so happy that his dad let him come over. I also got to see my friend Bethany for a brief moment and we talked and talked until I didn’t really have anything else to talk about. My friend Peyton also came over and we made chocolate chip cookies for his brother’s birthday and watched Dirty Dancing. While I was home I watched way too many movies and spent a lot of time sleeping, but it was nice to be home. I also made the mistake of starting Doctor Who (I know, I am just now jumping on the Doctor Who train) and have been obsessed with it since.

Now that I’ve been back for two weeks, had a bit of personal emotional trauma and had the first and second snow day of the year… I am ready to commit to this blog again. My plans are to keep posting weekly/biweekly posts about life at school and hopefully add in a little speak-my-mind stream of consciousness type series thing where I talk about my views on things like self respect, being happy, caring about others, ect. I think that by writing some of that stuff down I will remind myself to be the best person I can be.

On top of that, if you are subscribed to my YouTube channel, I am going to try to get that started again because I just realized that I haven’t made a real video from my dorm room yet. That is, excluding the room tour video that I made. If you have any idea for videos leave them in the comments below because inspiration is needed! Stay tuned for more news about that.

I also want to capture more of my life in pictures and videos, so I want to start doing “my day/week/month through pictures” type thing. It will probably take me a while to get used to it but it is a plan that I hope to fulfill! Too many great moments in my life are forgotten and I want to start documenting those lost moments.

Now, I hope you have all had a fantastic week and I hope you are enjoying the snow (that is, if your place of residency has been covered in a white blanket of cold, powdery fluff)!!! I will talk to you guys next week (hopefully) and if you have any suggestions for my stream of conciousness type thing or a possible cheeky name for it leave it in the comments below. 🙂

Now, in the words of Louis Cole…

“Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure.”


One thought on “News, news, and more news!”

  1. Nice. I would love to see more pictures the the snowy conditions you are encountering and the friends that keep you away from us… We all mis you but want you to know that Spruce pine is quite snowy as well with terrible winds. Daddy has been home for three days now and it’s driving him crazy. It will be arch 7th before you know it….. Love you


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