Week one of school down!

Guys and girls, I have finished my first week of school. Lots of exciting adventures stepped in the minute I walked through the doors at 7:45 in the morning. Just kidding, its school. Being back after a year of being away is quite weird. New groups have formed, new teachers have arrived, and new water fountains with really cool bottle sensors have been installed. But, some things never change… like the fact that I am wearing winter clothes because they air-condition this building to the max, or that the lost freshman still crowd around the entrance to the school, or that the football team is still a bunch of cocky jocks who “break it down” in the middle of the commons during lunch. School is always pretty awkward during the first week of school. No one knows their schedule, people are peeling from their summer sunburns, and everyone is parking in random spots. But, I’m hanging in their.

Tootlelie-dip! Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure!


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