Where Has Time Gone!

I know, I know. I am possibly the most inconsistent bloggers out there. And no, its not because I get too busy for you and neglect my responsibilities as a blog owner, I just experience prolonged periods of writers block. Its like constipation of the mind. There is stuff in there, it just will not come out. Anyway, I’m back this week with New Years resolutions to get better at this. With four AP classes, a new Etsy shop up and running (www.etsy.com/shop/SmallTownNC), and college/scholarship applications,  I have been all sorts of busy. But okay, enough with excuses… here’s the post. Since I can’t exactly remember everything that has happened to me since I wrote my last blog post, I will take a quick second to look through my iPhoto (I literally document almost everything in my life by photos) and do a recap of my life for the past few months.

Okay, lets start with November:

Then we have December. All of these months are beginning to blur, so I am so glad that Apple now organizes my photos for me by month. December was an amazing month and so many exciting things happened, my favorite of them all being our Christmas present: a trip to see the grandparents in Holland.

Now, onto January. Where many a days were spent lounging in bed from “snow” days and many more were spent learning new and exciting things…

So there you go. I thought this was kind of fun. Maybe I’ll do this every month. Just a recap of my month with pictures. I hope we are all caught up and you can forgive me for those months of absence. Coming to you next week with a little Write About It Wednesday (if I remember… someone remind me!)

Until next time… Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure. BOOM!


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