World Travels || San Francisco 2015: Day 2

Look at that, two posts in two days! I am on a roll here! Hopefully I’ll get one day of my San Francisco vacation on here every day this week. Thats my goal at least.

The second day of my explorations of San Francisco took me to the city to go play at the Exploratorium. When I walked in, I was a bit shocked about how many kids were there. I was glad that I had my two cousins with me as an excuse to why I was there. But, regardless of how many children were there (all their parents seemed to vanish once we got through the doors) I still thought that it was really cool and had a lot of fun (I have got to come up with a better word than “fun”).

About half way through the day, my uncle called and offered to take us all out for lunch while we were in the city. We went to an oyster restaurant and because I am not really a shellfish kind of person, I went with my southern heart and ordered shrimp and grits, and I have no complaints.

After lunch, we went back to the Exploratorium and played with some really cool sciencey/math things that made me think of how amazingly the world works and how we are able to manipulate things to show a certain property of natural laws or the human brain. If I had the choice, I could have stayed there for three days and still had a good time learning about how stuff works.

Then my mother and I headed back to Sausalito and spent a relaxing night with my cousins and aunt and uncle.


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