World Travels || San Francisco 2015: Day 4

Oh goodness, it looks like my streak is broken! I actually do have an excuse for yesterday though. Lets see, where do I start. I guess, you all should know that today is prom (WhoopWhoop!) however, prom is quite stressful. I ordered my dress about a month ago, feeling that I might be pressing for time, but my dress shouldn’t have a problem finding me by the 18th. However, my dress did have a hard time finding me and a spiraling series of events lead to the fact that I did not have a dress on the day before prom. So, yesterday I had to go to Asheville and search for a dress. Let me tell you, finding a dress this close to prom is really hard, and I do not suggest that anyone do it. Anyway, after about three hours of searching everywhere I could think of, I finally found one that I am happy with. I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about it until I got all dressed up today and put it on. It may not be the most fancy prom dress, but it is elegant and quite frankly, I think it looks hella good on me.

Now to the stuff you actually want to read:

On Thurday (the fourth day), we took a break from the city to go and see the more natural wonders of the San Francisco area. Our first stop was Stinson beach. If I may say something, California beaches are fantastically more beautiful than North Carolina beaches. Now, I am in no way shape or form agreeing with the saying “West Coast best coast” because I love me some North Carolina, but Cali does have gorgeous beaches. We spent about an hour at Stinson (there was no swimming because the Pacific is freezing cold). We tried to build sand drip castles (the sand was a little bit too coarse) and then ended up building a “castle” with a moat. When a wave came and filled in the moat (and in the mean time, destroyed our “castle”) we decided to call it quits and go to our next destination. On our walk back up to the dry sand, we found a few crab claws (not something you find in NC) but sadly, we were not allowed to bring them back (they smelled like rotting seafood).

After going to Stinson beach, we grabbed lunch and soaked in a little sun while we were there. Then we headed up to Muir Woods to check out the famous redwoods. Redwoods are quite fascinating trees, really. They are the tallest in the world, but they aren’t very full. Like, they are practically just giant sticks that reach the sky. But, they are beautiful.

After walking around in the woods for a while and playing “slingshot” with my cousins, we loaded back up into the car and headed back to Sausalito. We had a quiet night and then went to sleep, and counted many many sheep in my dreams.


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