World Travels || San Francisco 2015: Day 5

On Friday, we took a hike out to a lighthouse on the Marin Headlands. It was absolutely gorgeous and I got to take a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, we were unable to make it all the way to the light house as part of the trail was closed, but I still thought the whole view was beautiful. There isn’t a whole lot to write about for this part of the day, so I’ll just cue the photos.

After visiting the lighthouse, we went on a grand search to find a location to scatter my Granddad’s ashes. Just a little disclaimer here, my family is a bit impulsive and they also don’t care how crazy they look in front of people (sorry Uncle Pip, if you’re reading this). So, anyway. We drove to a beach not far from the lighthouse, walked down to the water, ignored the people surfing and walking on the beach, and my uncle scattered the ashes on the sand. However, in an effort to keep his shoes dry, he scattered the ashes just out of reach of the waves. We waited and waited for the surf to reach the pile of ashes and finally, just as we were beginning to leave, a wave comes out of nowhere and takes my granddad into the sea. It was a fun occasion (maybe not the word you would think of when scattering ashes, but hey, every family has its quirks) and I feel like if my grandfather was there, he would either 1) be laughing with us, or 2) looking at us with a scornful eye. It could go either way.

So, after the waves took my grandfather away and we told a few stories, we got back into the car and headed into the city, where we had a lunch date with one of my mom’s old tutees (that is a strange word). We had a very nice lunch at The Slanted Door which overlooks the bay. It was fun to see them and he gave me advice as a former student at NC State’s College of Design, making me even more excited for the fall. After a nice lunch, and a lot of catching up, we said our goodbyes, got the most delicious coffee I have ever tasted at Blue Bottle and took the ferry back to Sausalito. It was the end of another beautiful day in California.


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