Happy Halloween!


What’s up dreamers! I can’t believe it is already Halloween! I am not really into partying (I know, a college student not into partying?!) so I decided to sit this one out. But, that doesn’t mean that I would let myself miss out on dressing up! I’m a big fan of do-it-yourself costumes, so this year I was… wait for it… a wind-up doll. I put my costume together all in a matter of 30 minutes, so don’t judge the craftsmanship of it. I was far more impressed with my makeup than I was with my actual outfit, but it all turned out well.

So, for my make-up look, I started with a basic foundation. Slobbered that all over my face (looking at the pictures now, I probably could have put a bit more on… all of my freckles are peeking out) and then powdered my noes like a true girl. Then I moved onto my eyes. Made those beauties sparkle and such. Then I plopped some lipstick on my cheeks (I didn’t have a strong enough blush or face paint, so lipstick was my next best option). And finished my face by dabbing some lipstick on the lips (where it is meant to go). For my hair, I just curled all of it and threw it up into two pigtails and tied them off with some red ribbon. You can be the judge, do I look like a doll? Here’s all the makeup that I used.

And here is the finished look! Sorry about the awkward hands, and image all together. I figured out today how difficult it is to photograph yourself (especially because halfway through taking pictures, I lost my remote). This was the best one I could find, so yeah. There in the back is my wind-up thing. I made it from a paper towel roll and a cereal box and then painted it gold. Pretty simple really. DSC_1253

I hope you had an amazing Halloween! Tell me in the comments what you dressed up as, or what your favorite costume was that you saw? I’ll catch up with you guys again next week (on Wednesday to be specific!). Have a marvelous weekend and stay safe!

Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure.


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