Blogmas: Day 7

Hey guys! How is everyone doing today?

Today I thought I would share an easy DIY Last Minute Christmas Gift. Todays post is dedicated to hot cocoa ornaments! I love hot cocoa, and a nice creative flavored one makes them that much better! Hot cocoa is such a wintery drink and always gets me in the mood for the holidays.


They are super easy, super cheap, and super delicious!

What you’ll need:

A plastic fillable ornament (I got mine from AC Moore, but just about any craft store should have them around this time of year. I also recommend that you get the flatter circles rather than the full spheres.)

Hot Cocoa packet of your choice (I found some flavored ones at AC Moore, but you could definitely just use Swiss Miss)

Fillings (I used white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, peppermint crunch, and mini marshmellows. You could also put sprinkles, caramel bits, peanut butter chips, or anything else that you could think of really!)

DSC_1670When you have all of your ingredients, start filling! I would suggest using a funnel, but since I didn’t have a proper funnel, I just rolled up a piece of paper and made a make-shift funnel. Also, I would suggest filling these near a sink. I got hot chocolate powerder EVERYWHERE.


When you finish, pop them on you tree, give them to a friend, or pour into your favorite Christmas mug and enjoy your hot cocoa creation!


I hope you have a wonderful Monday, and I will catch you tomorrow with another Christmassy post! What’s your favorite flavor hot cocoa?

Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure!




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