Europe Trip 2016 || Day 1: Bremen, Germany

Its been a while, but I’ve returned from my summer long hiatus and I’m coming in full swing with a whole load of travel posts. As you may or may not know, I spent the month of May traveling around Europe. My sister (Marguerite) and I hopped on a plane on May 7th and headed across the big pond to get some adventuring in before summer camp begun. We landed in Amsterdam at 7:30 in the morning on the 8th after a long day of flying. It was strange to walk out of the airport and not see our family waiting for us, but we managed to get a train ticket to Bremen, Germany with just a little help from the International Train Service desk. Before we knew it we were on our way to Germany. Our first train was relatively short, maybe thirty minutes or so. My sister lost her ticket somewhere on (or in the process of getting off of) the first train, so we almost missed our second train in the frantic hunt to try to find the lost ticket. Unfortunately, we never found it, despite our greatest efforts to figure out where it might have ended up. Fortunately, the ticket man at the station let us through the gate so that we could catch our next train.

This train was the long one (nearly three hours!). We sat in front of of a very nice, chatty older woman, Maren, from Hamburg. She had a lot to say about design (particularly architecture and how so many newer buildings are created without any attention paid to the landscape), and was not a fan of Donald Trump. Despite the fact that we were so tired, it was nice to hear all of her stories about her own travels throughout the world.

Eventually, we made our way to Bremen where we met up with one of Marguerite’s friends, Renzzo. He took us to get Turkish kebabs (a common street food in Bremen) before heading over to drop off our bags at his host family’s house so we wouldn’t have to keep everything in the hostel. We packed daypacks for our hostel and then set out on the town. We planned on going to drop our bags off at the hostel first, but when we arrived there, it was closed so we took to the streets and explored. One of Renzzo’s friends, Raphaël came with us. In the middle of our self guided tour, we stumbled upon the last few minutes of some pig act in the town center which was fairly odd yet entertaining. After a bit more walking, we sat down for a refreshment by the river. Then some strange man sat down at the table with us and started talking about how he had been to America to try to find pretty ladies which made me super uncomfortable, so we went back to the hostel to drop off our bags. When we got to the hostel this time, it was closed as well, but thankfully Raphaël called the man and he came and let us check in. I was super tired, so I decided to call it a night there and went to sleep.


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