Europe Trip 2016 || Day 7: Bern, Switzerland

We were one week into our trip, and had no intentions of slowing down or resting. We woke up, had a small breakfast and then went back to the train station and took the train into Bern. Bern is the capitol of Switzerland and only about 30 minutes away from Düdingen, so naturally we had to go. When we got to Bern we hit the streets and walked around the city whilst taking pictures. We went to see the Bern bears (which are the symbol of the city), which is cool because bears are not naturally in Switzerland (which slightly confuses me, because why would they choose an animal that does not naturally live in that area, oh well). There were three bears in the enclosure so we watched them run about for a while and then grabbed a coffee at a little cafe nearby. Then we walked around some more; seeing beautiful old churches and a really old clock (Zytglogge) that was built in the 13th century. We kept on walking and exploring and managed to find our way to a history museum that looked like a castle, it was quite beautiful. Right was we were walking up the stairs, it started to pour. We quickly used the restroom and then set out again with our umbrellas. We got lunch back at the train station and on our way in the doors we saw a man playing the alphorn right outside the station, it was a true Swiss experience.

After our late lunch, we decided that while Bern was beautiful, we would rather go back to see more of Fribourg in the daylight. We stopped at a grocery store on the way to buy some Swiss chocolate (because, when in Switzerland…) to bring back home. The chocolate like Lindt and Toblerone was actually more expensive in Switzerland than at home which I found surprising, but Valérie showed us the chocolate that was typical from the area so we bought that instead. We walked around again and then went for a coffee in a hip little place. After a while, we went back to her house to have dinner. Her mom made us spaghetti bolognese which was very delicious.

After dinner Valérie drove us to another little town with a lake. We walked around for awhile before deciding to head home. When we got back we went back to Valérie’s room and laid on her bed drinking hot chocolate talking about boys (mainly Marguerite and Valérie) and then we went to bed.


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