International Day of the Girl

So many exciting things going on today!!! Today is also International Day of the Girl! Girls are still not equal to men. It is our time to change that.


National Coming Out Day

Happy National Coming Out day! Its time to support the LGBT’s in your community. Whether it be at school, on the internet, or just in your heart. Let’s give them a chance. The challenge our GSA Club at school gave us was to tell someone something that you have never told anyone else before. “Come out of the closet” about your favorite guilty pleasure. I challenge you to do the same.

And on that note. I will end this with saying that I love to spend hours dancing around like a complete nutcase in my room. It is my guilty pleasure.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

For English class, we are required to complete five self assigned projects every semester. Since it is fall (also known as my favorite season) I figured that I would write a sort of poem about fall. Care to read it? Keep scrolling. Also, if you have any suggestions on what I should title it, leave it in the comments!

Warm hot chocolate, carving pumpkins, and cool nights.

Halloween movies, foggy mornings, and caramel apples.

High school football games, blankets, and hot tea.

Falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and fuzzy socks.

Bonfires, apple crumble, and haunted houses.

Pinecone wars, turning on the heater, and cuddled up in scarves.

County fairs, pumpkin pie, and knitting.

Falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and fuzzy socks.

Halloween costumes, crisp fall air, and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Hats, warm banana bread, and breaking the wishbone on Thanksgiving.

Freshly cut wood, candy corn, and family game nights.

Falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and fuzzy socks.

Festive gourds, cinnamon scented candles, and chicken pot pie.

Warm apple cider, corn mazes, and crunching leaves.

Hay rides, red noses, and jumping in giant leaf piles.

Falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and fuzzy socks.

When all of this comes to an end,

Let us not forget the joy these few months bring.

Let us cross our fingers that we will experience these months again.

Falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and fuzzy socks.

Hancock Shaker Village

This Thursday was the first day of Horizons at Miss Hall’s. As the Miss Hall’s website states, “Horizons is our experiential, off-campus learning program. Part of the academic program, Horizons gives Miss Hall’s students opportunities to volunteer and intern each week at social service and cultural organizations, businesses, and professional offices.” I was placed at Hancock Shaker village for Horizons this year. I was a little bit skeptical about what it would be like, but after the first day on Thursday, I can tell that I am going to have a lot of fun. 

Hancock Shaker Village is a living museum that continues the life of the Shakers Village. There are people dressed in Shaker costume who demonstrate the crafts that the Shakers performed while they lived there. They give tours of the restored dwellings and buildings, display the history of the Shakers, and if you visit, you can even learn a Shaker song or dance.

Now, I’ve told you all this about the “Shakers,” and just now realized that you probably have no idea who the Shakers are. The Shakers were originally a radical sect of the Quaker religion that became known in the 1760’s as Shaking Quakers due to their ecstatic worship practices. The name was later shortened to Shakers. Both music and dance play a large role in the Shaker worship services. They believe that participation in the worship service involves one’s whole body rather than just their voice.

For more information, check out Hancock Shaker Village’s website:

Another big part of Hancock Shaker Village is their livestock, which is where I come in. I am volunteering with two other girls in the farms and fields of Hancock Shaker Village. So, we get to help take care of the animals for the whole school year. When we got there on Thursday, we were given a tour around the grounds and shown where we were going to be working. As soon as the quick orientation tour was given, we were put to work. The first thing we did was we cleaned out a chicken coop. Now, my brother had chickens for a few years, so cleaning out a chicken coop was nothing new for me. When the chicken coop was cleaned out and new sawdust was put down, we went on to collect the chicken’s eggs. There were some beautiful dark brown eggs with spots, and some light brown eggs too. We cleaned off the eggs that were dirty and put them away in the fridge. By this time we only had about thirty minutes left until the bus came and picked us up, so we were allowed to take out the baby chicks. They got to run around in the sun and grass until we had to leave. We got to pick them up and play with them and watch them play with each other. It truly made my day! 🙂

I had forgotten my camera, so the other girls that I am with took some pictures and sent them to me. Here are some pictures of the cute little chicks. 


The Rainbow Centre – JacksGap

This is what I want to do with my life. Visiting places around the world that are suffering from extreme poverty and working with the kids. I want to create better lives for those less fortunate than me. This is one thing that I find extremely important to me.

I Am So Grateful!!!

So, a few days ago we had a diversity meeting with everyone in the school. When I first heard about it, I was thinking “Wow, two hours of sitting and talking about things I am already pretty familiar with.” After leaving that meeting, I realized that there are so many things in life that I have taken for granted. I left that meeting with a completely different view on life, and how I want to live mine.

We did this one activity, that was optional, called the privilege walk. In this activity, one of the staff members asked us questions and if they applied to you, you either took one step forward or one step backwards. They were questions like “Were you raised in a supportive family?” Yes, one step forward. “Were you expected at a young age to go to college?” Yes, one step forward.  “Do you have more than 50 books in your house?” Yes, one step forward. “Were you raised in a safe neighborhood?” It was at this question that I realized that not everyone was stepping forward. We were not in a straight line anymore. It hit me hard to know how privileged I am. Why do I deserve all of the things that I have; don’t other people deserve them more than I do? I have never come home not knowing if the lights would be turned on for me, or if we would have something to eat that night for dinner. As more questions were asked, everyone in the line moved farther and farther apart. What had once been a line, was now more a blob of people, all spread out.

After this activity, we had a discussion. People very courageously stood up and told their story to everyone in the school. All of the stories and comments were so touching. I realized that I am not alone in this. I am not the only one who is far away from the people that I love. I am not the only one who takes for granted everything that my parents do for me. It also made me realize how much support I have in this school. The fact that we could sit down for two hours and just let all of our opinions out without anyone judging us meant a lot to me.

We also spent quite a bit of time on religion, and respecting other people’s religion. We talked about stereotypes that applied to our religions and stereotypes that we knew about other religions. Everyone was so respectful when other people were speaking. Religion is a very touchy subject, and the fact that so many people felt comfortable to stand up and talk about their religion showed me how much I can trust this community. Religion is never really discussed in my hometown. It is assumed that everyone is a southern baptist, but that is not true in my case. I realized that I am not the only one who is confused about religion and what I believe in. As teenagers, we shouldn’t be influenced by what our parents believe in. Thankfully, my parents have let me discover my own beliefs.

This whole experience really opened my eyes. I now know that I am not the only one out there who has certain beliefs about things. I know that I am living in such a supportive community who is willing to listen to other people’s opinions. We know that we don’t all see eye to eye on things, but we respect each others beliefs. I am so lucky to have this opportunity to be here.

I would like to dedicate this blog post to anyone who helped me get where I am today. My family, my teachers, my sponsors, and my friends. These people have done so much for me throughout my life, but one of the most important of those is that they let me be myself. They never tried to change who I was or questioned why I act the way I do. *For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am a very eccentric human. I am not afraid to by myself.* All of these people believe in me and it makes me glow to know just how much support I have around me. I love you all and thank you so much for making this journey of mine possible.

Oh The lovely messages that are left on my white board!
Oh The lovely messages that are left on my white board!

I’m All Settled In

Welcome back! Sorry that it has taken me so long to update my blog. I have been crazy busy with school. So, lets do a quick recap of the last two weeks!

On Thursday, my parents and I made the long trek from North Carolina to New York. We got to where we were staying at about 11:30 that night. The next morning we ate breakfast at a small traditional diner in the next town over. Then we drove around for a little bit while my mom reminisced about her time at Miss Hall’s School. Later that night we went to visit some family and had dinner with them. We got back late that night and I went straight to bed as soon as we arrived in the house we were staying in. 

Saturday morning I woke up and prepared myself for the big move in! We hoped into the car and started driving to Massachusetts. We stopped at a small coffee and donut shop and had fall flavored donuts for breakfast. We decided that we would make it a tradition to stop there for donuts every time we went to Miss Halls. Move in day is kind of a blur. I got all my stuff into my room in a matter of minutes and then started the unpacking process. It didn’t take me as long as I had expected that it would. I did all the preparation for school stuff and sooner than I knew it, I was giving my parents hugs and kisses and they were driving away. When I came back to the room, I spent some time bonding with my roommate Michelle, and put up some pictures and posters.

On Sunday, I woke up bright and early for soccer tryouts at 9:00. After two hours of soccer and then lunch, the Sophomore and junior classes headed to the gym for class bonding activities. We played small group games that ended with a huge scavenger hunt all over the school. There were puzzles, and hula-hooping, and Hawaiian necklaces and at the end of the whole thing, an ice cream truck pulled into the circle with ice cream for everyone!

On Monday the whole school went to a outdoors camp for the day. My group spent the first half of the day rock climbing and the second part of the day we played team bonding games and then went to the low ropes course. 

On Tuesday school officially started. I went to all my classes, and then I had soccer practice right after that. I had a few issues with my schedule that I had to get sorted out and once I that, I was ready for the rest of the year. I am taking AP Chemistry, Spanish II, English III Honors, US History, Calculus, and Studio Art. Its a busy schedule, but I am enjoying it. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were the same with classes until 3:50, soccer until 5:30 and study hall from 7-9, except we didn’t have study hall on Friday because it was the weekend!

Friday night was our first Blue and Gold event. I was assigned to the blue team, just like my mom :). After all of the new students had been assigned a color, we went to the gym and played musical chairs, knockout, tug-o-war, and ended the night with a dance off. Unfortunately, the gold team won the whole night. After that, we watched a movie in the student center and then went to bed. Saturday we had our first soccer game. I was a starter playing center defense. We lost, but we did better than last year and only had three practices. Saturday night was the first dance of the season! Miss Halls and about 7 other boarding schools, boy and girl, came to the Klein and danced the night away! On Sunday, I had a rest day and spent most of the day in the art center working in my sketchbook. I finished all of my homework and wrote a few letters to my family and friends. I went to bed early to mentally prepare myself for the Monday blues. 

Monday dragged on. I was starting to develop a cold and I was not ready for the week to start. I made it through the day and headed to soccer practice, which luckily woke me up a little bit. After dinner, I had study hall and still had to finish some homework after study hall ended. Tuesday was a little better than Monday, but I was still tired. I went through my day as normal and was happy when it was over. Today was very nice because Wednesdays are half days, so I had 3 classes (I would have had 3, but my English teacher cancelled class for today) and was finished with school at 11:15. I finished all of my homework before soccer practice at 4, and now I am writing letters and finally putting up a blog post!

I’ll try to make these more often. I’m still kind of new to this whole blogging concept, and I’m trying to work in time for it in my busy schedule. I hope you had a wonderful week! Stay tuned for new adventures!


My desk.


My dresser


My bed.



And The Journey Begins…

ImageToday is my last day living in North Carolina. Tomorrow I leave my life here and set out fora whole new adventure. You see, I was accepted to a boarding school in Massachusetts. While I am so excited to be somewhere else and move away from this small town, I have to admit that I am going to miss it. I am going to miss the sound of the train coming through town at ungodly hours. I am going to miss the smell of the wildflowers in the spring. I am going to miss the atmosphere of this small town. I think that I might even miss the obnoxious rednecks at my school. But if I want any chance of catching my dreams, this is what I have to do. 

My life here was almost perfect. I some of the best friends I have ever gotten the chance to know, teachers that understood me and my ADD, and a family who I love undeniably and who loves me unconditionally. The only problem with my life here, is that this town isso small that my dreams were almost impossible to reach. You might be thinking “What dreams is rambling on and on about?” Well, let me inform you.

I want to travel the world. I want to study graphic design in as many countries and US cities as I can, and work in those countries too. Some of those places include (but are not limited to): Australia, England, Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, LA, New York, and Chicago. I want to be exposed to as many cultures as I can in my time on this planet. And to add onto that, I am not the kind of person that canstay in one place for too long. I know that even as a 16 year old. I get too bored in one place. Once it is all familiar to me, I feel like it is time to move on.

So, anyway. This is the beginning of my life soon to be filled with adventures. I hope that you will join me on my adventures and experiences. Keep tuned in for new posts every week! I can’t wait to start this journey with you!