Write About It Wednesdays: My Path


Whats up dreamers!

I’m back again with another motivational Monday. I was a bit selfish in choosing this quote because this is something that I really need to hear and think about right now. Let me give you the low down: design school is hard. Its mentally, creatively, and physically draining. My mind is constantly being challenged to think in new ways and to push my ideas further and further. I’ve spent hours in my studio coming up with concepts, and dozens of more hours making those ideas come to life. I’ve crashed quite a few times along the way, and the thought of quitting has entered my mind multiple times.

But luckily, I’m still going. I’ve not even finished one semester of design school yet I know that I’m on the right path. I keep telling myself that everyday: even when finishing a project means staying in the studio until the wee hours of the morning… or spending way too much money on materials… or having a mental breakdown that leads to an amazing discovery. Because thats why I’m confident that I’m on the right path. Those amazing discoveries… those ah-ha moments… they keep me going. Even if they are as small as connecting paper differently, or realizing that hanging up a massive cardboard structure isn’t as hard as you might have thought.

I’m insanely lucky to have found something that I am passionate about, and even luckier to have the opportunity to pursue that passion. Maybe its not easy. And maybe it will cause me a great amount of stress and anxiety. But I know its worth every second and every penny. Its what I love, and I will have the chance to do it for the rest of my life, after being trained by amazing artists and designers. And that my friends is the dream, no matter how much sweat and tears it takes to get there. I’m meant for this!

I hope you have all found something that you are so passionate about, and you are doing everything you can to make that possible. If nothing else, I want you to follow your dreams, even if it means taking a rough road.

Have an absolutely wonderful week, and I’ll talk to you again very soon!

Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure!


Salt and Ice Challenge

A few months ago, Corbin came over and we decided to be idiots and do the salt and ice challenge. Since I just finally got the evidence of our stupidity off my hand (redness, blisters, ect.), I thought I would finally upload this video! Please do enjoy, and if you try this BE CAREFUL!!! Also, I would apologize for the innuendoes.