Blogmas: Day 2

So, better late than never, but here is my second post for blogmas. And today I’m going to list my favorite Christmas movies.

  1. Elf (Its a classic. What more could you want in a Christmas movie).elf-smile
  2. The Santa Clause (really, all three of them, but the first is my favorite).
  3. The Grinch (both the new and the old. The old one is a classic, but who can resist Jim Carrey)
  4. Love Actually (I feel like this movie must be on everyone’s favorite Christmas movie list. The beginning and the end are the best scenes)
  5. The Holiday (mostly because I’m envious of the whole storyline).

So, there are the top five. The ones that Christmas just isn’t the same without. Now of course, I always watch the really cheezy ABC Family movies where the girl always gets the guy, and the snow falls at the exact moment when they kiss, but all those movies start to run together for me. Although Holiday in Handcuffs was a contender for the top 5 list.

I hope you are still having an amazing week, and a wonderful December. What are your favorite Christmas movies to watch??

Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure.