Happy (Late) Halloween!

Last week was spirit week at Miss Halls. It was exciting and fun-filled and the spirit of Miss Hall’s was definitely shown! Well, let me get to it I guess!

Monday was pajama day. It was sheer bliss to be able to go to school in your pajamas. The only bummer is that if I wasn’t already tired enough from the fact that it was Monday, wearing my pajamas made me want to go to sleep. zzz. It was all together a pretty good day though.

Tuesday was Twin day. I didn’t dress up with a twin because I don’t have a lot of classes with most of my friends, and what would be the point of twinning with someone that don’t have any of the same classes with you.

Wednesday was Sports day. JV soccer had a game that day so I wore my uniform and sweatpants. This was another great day. We lost our game but we played really hard. We only lost by one goal (3-2) and fought for the whole time.

Thursday was Preppy vs. Hipster day. I was a little bit of both because I have some preppy clothes and some hipster clothes so I mixed them together and became a preppy hipster or a hipster prep. Either way you decide to look at it. Now, I know that Thursday is the actual day of Halloween, but since it is easier to do all those Halloween-ey things on the weekend, we celebrated Halloween on Friday!!!

Friday was obviously Costume day. I decided to dress up like my childhood idol, Pippy Longstockings. She was the bomb diggity when I was growing up and I wanted to be just like her. Friday, JV soccer had another game. We played a really good, really fast team and we lost. We played well, but it wasn’t our best game. We only have one game left this season though… It has gone by so fast!!!!!

Friday night was the Senior Spook Walk. Miss Hall’s turned into a haunted insane asylum with screams around every corner. It was quite freaky but I can honestly say that I did not scream!!! After the Spook Walk there was a halloween costume dance just for Miss Hall’s girls. It was a lot of fun but I saw quite a few things that I would rather not see again. It seems like girls dance dirtier when there aren’t any boys to watch :/.

So that was my past week. Only three more to go and I will be back home! I am so excited to go back home and see my family. Its been a long time!

Well, I’ll catch up with you later and as FunforLouis says “Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure!”


It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

For English class, we are required to complete five self assigned projects every semester. Since it is fall (also known as my favorite season) I figured that I would write a sort of poem about fall. Care to read it? Keep scrolling. Also, if you have any suggestions on what I should title it, leave it in the comments!

Warm hot chocolate, carving pumpkins, and cool nights.

Halloween movies, foggy mornings, and caramel apples.

High school football games, blankets, and hot tea.

Falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and fuzzy socks.

Bonfires, apple crumble, and haunted houses.

Pinecone wars, turning on the heater, and cuddled up in scarves.

County fairs, pumpkin pie, and knitting.

Falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and fuzzy socks.

Halloween costumes, crisp fall air, and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Hats, warm banana bread, and breaking the wishbone on Thanksgiving.

Freshly cut wood, candy corn, and family game nights.

Falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and fuzzy socks.

Festive gourds, cinnamon scented candles, and chicken pot pie.

Warm apple cider, corn mazes, and crunching leaves.

Hay rides, red noses, and jumping in giant leaf piles.

Falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and fuzzy socks.

When all of this comes to an end,

Let us not forget the joy these few months bring.

Let us cross our fingers that we will experience these months again.

Falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and fuzzy socks.