Europe Trip 2016 || Day 2: Hamburg, Germany

On the second day of our adventure in Europe, we decided to hop on a bus up to Hamburg, Germany. Marguerite and I woke up bright an early, and got ready for the day. Our hostel did not provide towels, so that was a bit of a riddle to solve, but we figured something out. Later Renzzo came to our hostel to help us buy bus tickets and got breakfast. Once we got in Hamburg, we met up with Renzzo again (he had taken the train instead) and went on a little self-guided tour around the city. Renzzo knew all of the places that we had to visit so we let him lead the way. He only got us lost once, but it was short and we got an ice cream by the river while Renzzo looked at the map.

We walked along the river for a while and it was absolutely gorgeous. Whilst walking we came up to the Elbe Tunnel which is a pedestrian and vehicle tunnel that passes underneath the Elbe River. It was super cold down in the tunnel, but actually quite refreshing being that it was super hot outside. When we got to the other side, we enjoyed the view of the city. When we back through the tunnel, we got to ride in the vehicle elevator. It was huge! We continued to walk around for a bit until we stumbled upon St. Michael’s Lutheran Church. We went inside and I was in awe. It was so ornately decorated and organ was quite impressive. After taking it all in, we walked around a bit more and then took a break in the town center in front of the Binnenalster which is like a little lake in the center of town. We sat and talked and people-watched since there were so many people there.

It got to be about dinner time, so we went to go find some food. Renzzo suggested Vapianos which is an Italian “serve yourself” type restaurant that started in Hamburg but has now spread worldwide. When we were finished, we had some time to kill before our bus left so we decided to walk around the lake. It was quite beautiful. The we headed back to bus station and Renzzo headed to the train station. The bus ride back was pretty quiet and Marguerite and I were pooped. When we got back to Bremen, we headed straight for our hostel and went straight to sleep. It was a good day, but a very exhausting one.

*I think that this is the day that we beat our previous “step count” from our last summer trip and made about 27000 steps.