30 before 30

I’ve been thinking a lot about traveling recently. Maybe its a side effect of the February-funk, or just my inherent desire to be constantly moving around. Nevertheless, I’ve been thinking about all of the places I want to go in North America and how many of those places I haven’t been to. So, I decided to make a list of the top 30 places I want to visit before I’m 30. I limited myself to just North America, because it seems a bit more manageable than trying to achieve my whole world travel list. I’ve only got 10 years to do it, but I think I can get to all of these places. Hopefully at least. I think you’ll find an underlying theme of mountains, and National Parks. What can I say, I’m a sucker for fresh air and forests.

1.Portland, Oregon

2. Road trip Big Sur, California

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

4. Salt Lake City, Utah

5. Denver, Colorado

6. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

7. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

8. Crater Lake, Oregon

9. Seattle, Washington

10. Zion National Park, Utah

11. Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

12. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

13. Yosemite National Park, California

14. Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado

15. Grand Canyon, Arizona

16. Four Corners: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah

17. Niagara Falls

18. Multnomah Falls, Oregon

19. Glacier National Park, Montana

20. Devils Tower, Wyoming

21. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

22. Boston, Massachusetts

23. Hoover Dam, Nevada

24. Emerald Lake, Canada

25. Lake Abraham, Canada

26. Morraine Lake, Canada

27. Banff National Park, Canada

28. Vancouver, Canada

29. Northern Lights from Greenland or Canada

30. Jasper National Park, Canada

I encourage you to make your own list, even if it is only a few places. Inspire yourself to travel more and explore this wonderful world of ours.

Do we share any of the same places on our travel wish list?artboard-1artboard-1


Confessions of a Middle Child

The perks and downfalls of being in the middle


Being a middle child has its advantages and disadvantages. You have the freedom to forge your own path, and get to learn from the mistakes of your older sibling. By the time your parents have figured out the whole parenting thing, they move on to you and let the reigns a little looser. But you also see how easy the youngest sibling has it. So, I put together a little list of advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully all middle children can relate.

  1. You have a guide to life. You have an older sibling who will always have your back and teach you the ways of the world. Your older sibling has already faced the realities of the world, and by the time its your turn, you know what to expect. They tell you which classes to take, how to apply for college, and what to do and not do to get on the parents’ good side.
  2. You have all the best things passed down to you. Its like having the best of both worlds bEcause you still get your own things, but you also get the gems of your siblings life. You get the old school projects, notebooks upon notebooks of class notes, and a wardrobe that all of your friends are jealous about.
  3. Your parents were more lenient with you. Your older sibling had to wait forever to get certain things (cell phones, unlimited texting, curfews, ect.) and by the time it came to you, they didn’t care as much. I might still have been one of the last people in my grade to get a cell phone, but I was definitely younger than my sister when I got one.
  4. You get to be the younger sibling and the older sibling all at once. You have endless knowledge passed down from your older sibling, but you also get to be the passer of knowledge to you younger sibling. You are protected by your older sibling and get to protect the baby of the family. You also know what its like to be the younger one, so you get to try to treat them the way that you were treated. But lets be honest, you tease as much as you were teased.
  5. You have a personal chauffeur before you get your license. If you ever needed to go somewhere, the eldest was there to take you. And if they refused, you parents stood in and made them. Lets be honest, this is probably more of a perk for the parents. But walking into high school from the parking lot was a lot cooler than having your parents drop you off.
  1. You are always being compared to you siblings. Teachers hold preconceptions toward you based on your older siblings behavior in their class. You are constantly trying to live up to (or break away from) the legacy that your older sibling left behind.giphy
  2. Your younger sibling(s) could get away with murder. I will admit that the oldest probably has the hardest time with rules, but the youngest definitely gets off pretty easily. By the time your parents see past the cute baby that your younger sibling was, they are too tired to deal with the menace that (s)he has become.
  3. There are times when you feel slightly forgotten. Whether it is being

    out-shined by your siblings slightly more exciting achievements, or actually being forgotten somewhere, we have all felt the pain. Sometimes you feel like you have to go to great lengths to be noticed. Even if that means making a fool of yourself.

  4. You are constantly being accused of copying your older sibling. My sister hates it when I do things like her. I would be allowed to straighten my hair, or wear the same makeup just because she was doing it. Doesn’t she know that copying is the highest form of flattery.
  5. You have been called every name that has ever been in your family (pets not excluded), except for your own. This has been going on for as long as I can remember. I try to act offended, but it doesn’t really even bother me anymore.

All in all, its not that bad though. I have my middle child-ness to thank for my independence, my weird side, and my peacemaker abilities. I an effort to stand out from my siblings, I found things that I love and can appreciate that now. I got to experiment in life without my parents watching my every move, but always knew they would be proud of me. So maybe getting left at my own high school graduation isn’t that bad after all.



Write About It Wednesdays: October


Recently, I have found a new love for life, and I’m not entirely sure where it was sparked. Maybe its the cool autumn air, the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, or maybe being home for fall break gave me just the boost I needed.

Well, its no surprise that fall is my favorite season. There is something so refreshing about the transition from summer to fall, especially now that I live in Raleigh and fall means a break from the hot humid air of a piedmont summer. Also fall brings holidays, hot cocoa, and scarves. So, in honor of my favorite season and favorite month, I thought I would share with you a list of the things I love most about October and fall in general.

  1. Blue Ridge Parkway rides (I recently went home for fall break, and was stunned by the beauty of the mountains paired with the vibrant colors of the fall foliage)
  2. Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha (I’m not big on the pumpkin spice, but I’m always down for some salted caramel!)
  3. Hot drinks in general (hot coffee, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and hot tea just aren’t the same in any other season)
  4. Sitting by the fireplace (now that I’m away at college, I don’t know how often I will be able to find a fireplace to sit by, but it will always be one of my favorite things about fall)
  5. Sweaters, Bean boots, and flannels (I am all about layering up and staying warm!)
  6. The weather is pristine, warm days and cool nights (who doesn’t like crisp cool air and a nice sweater to keep cozy?)
  7. Fall scents (whether it be pumpkin candles, freshly baked apple pie, or the smell of fallen leaves, the scents of fall are so wonderful)
  8. Crunching leaves (is it childish to say that I still try to find the crunchiest leaves to step on… there is something so satisfying about the sound of leaves)
  9. Beautiful sunsets (I have to say that overall, fall has the best sunsets of the year… hands down)
  10. Holidays and family (fall has this amazing ability to bring people together. I guess as the leaves change, we start to remember what matters the most)

So, there is a quick list of the things I love about fall. Obviously I could write for forever, but I wouldn’t want to bore you with my autumnal obsession. If you want to read more, I wrote a poem about fall two years ago, and you can click on this link to read it.

I hope the rest of your week is absolutely fantastic (we’re halfway there!).

Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure!