2014 Favorites

I’ve never done one of these favorites blog posts, so I thought I would give it a whirl. I know that most people usually do favorites posts about their favorite beauty products, but I didn’t want to discriminate. I put a bunch of my favorite random things in it. Enjoy!DSC_0625

This first item in my favorites is my polaroid camera. I got this for Christmas and I just love it. There is something really special about having a picture being permanent and not being able to delete it, or edit it.


This next product is Not Your Mother’s Lock Luster Oil Treatment. My hair gets pretty dry at the ends so I put a little bit of this in my ends every morning. It smells great, and feels really good in your hair. The argan oil makes your hair soft and silky and also tames frizziness. The Omega 7 in the macadamia oil nourishes and moisturizes your hair while being lightweight and non-greasy.


This is a tee-shirt that I made in art. I made the design and then silkscreened it onto a plain white tee. I also made this shirt in green. Its definitely one of my new favorite shirts! 🙂

This pair of sunglasses I got fro DEB and I thought that the side band was very cute and summery. I think you can see for yourself that they are just adorable.

If you didn’t know, giraffes are my absolute favorite animals. When I found these sneakers from H&M I had to buy them. They are really comfortable, and I wish I had enough outfits that matched so that I could wear them every single day. What is better than walking around with your favorite animal!DSC_0642

I got this make-up bag from H&M. It is the perfect size and very plain while also being elegant. It is a tan color with a slight peach undertone and a gold material behind the cut-outs. DSC_0644


I’ve had these pens for quite some time but I never seem to lose my love for them! The are very true to the colors on their caps, they don’t bleed, and have a very nice tip.

Okay, I had to include some beauty products too. I got these creme eye shadows from Hema in the Netherlands last year. They add a nice shimmer to your eyes and just in general brighten them up! And I use the darkest one most often… as you can tell.
DSC_0653And the last favorite of this blog post goes to a lipstick that I found and thought was very summery! The photo doesn’t quite display the color accurately, but it is a very hot pink. I can’t quite remember where I got this, but if you have it, or recognize the packaging then feel free to leave it in the comments.

So, thats it I guess. I think that I need a little practice with these type of posts. Thanks for bearing with me!