Christmas is here!

Sorry again for the long pause in my blog. It gets a bit tricky to manage school, sports, and a blog all at the same time. Putting that aside, its almost Christmas! My favorite time of year!

Last week I was home for Thanksgiving break and let me tell you, it was nice to be home. I got to see my family and friends for the first time in three months. I had a pretty relaxing break and didn’t do anything extraordinarily out of the ordinary. On Monday, I went and visited my old school and saw all my friends and teachers. It was nice to be back wandering the halls with everyone giving me that “Wait, why are you back?” look. I also did a lot of baking while I was home. I helped my sister make cookies for the neighbors and her roommates, made banana bread, and cookies by request of my father. Turns out, I haven’t lost my baking ability! My sister came back home late Monday night after driving all the way from Wilmington. Tuesday was my dad’s birthday and he insisted that we treat him like a king for his birthday (not like we don’t do that everyday)! On Wednesday my brother got out of school for a few millimeters of snow. It was nice to have the whole family at home though. On Thursday all the women in the house (my mother, sister, and I) cooked the traditional Thanksgiving meal. We had turkey, stuffing, green beans, brussel sprouts, twice baked potatoes, and my most delicious pecan pie!


On Friday morning I went to get a tetanus shot which was a little aggravating but needed to be done. My brother, sister, and dad went to pick out a Christmas tree while I was getting my shot. After everyone was back home, we went to go see the new Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. Oh, my, goodness. If you have not seen it yet, you need to get on over to the movie theater and watch it. It is absolutely amazing. If you thought the first movie was good, this one blows the first movie out of the water. I give it 5 stars! On Saturday, my best friend (BFFFF) Corbin came over for a few hours. It was good fun. We had a sword fight (won by Corbin) played H.O.R.S.E. (won by Corbin) and he helped me out of a cave (on Pokemon). Not to brag on myself too much, but while playing H.O.R.S.E. I felt like being experimental and I tried to headball the basketball into the net. Well, being the incredibly awesome person that I am, I GOT IT IN THE NET! But, unfortunately I forgot to call it a headball so Corbin did not get a letter :(. On Saturday night after Corbin had left we decided to pull out the old Christmas decorations and decorate both the tree and make the house all festive and stuff! On Sunday I spent almost the whole day baking with my sister which was nice. Sister time is always a good thing! After we were finished baking, my sister, mother, and I all played cards until my sister had to leave to go back to college. After she left I played cards with my mom for a while longer and then relaxed afterwards. I had such a great time on break!

DSC_0552 DSC_0556

Now, I have two more weeks of school until I am back home again for Winter break! I really do apologize for the choppiness of this blog recently. I’m still trying to figure out a balance in my busy schedule. I will hopefully talk to you soon, but if not, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a terrific new year!

I’ll let you go with the wonderful words of Louis Cole… “Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure! BOOOOM!”