Write About It Wednesday: Weird Little Heart

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 6.53.20 PMThere are a million things that make my weird little heart happy in this world, but since I don’t have the time to sit down and explain every single one of those to you, I thought I would do my level best to tell you a few. 

Camp Spring Creek. Now you see, this camp is how I define summer. I have grown up with this camp since I was five, and seeing that I’m 17 now seems pretty crazy to me. In the summer, I escape to this small get away and join my second family for eight weeks without internet or phone service. You get to meet people you would have never met otherwise, you get to see different sides of the people you love, and most importantly, you forget the world around you as you are emerged into a group of people who are so uniquely different yet have one common strength that brings them all together. We may be a group that is weird beyond belief and strange in so many ways, but being with my camp family makes me more happy that anyone can know.

Giraffes. Need I say more? Do you have something that you are totally obsessed with, yet have no clue why it fascinates you so much? Thats me with giraffes. Maybe its their pattern, or their long necks, or maybe its their seemingly awkward nature. Because, who doesn’t love an animal who fights each other by swinging their necks at each other like little neck swords. I mean, come on!

The sound of dirt being sucked into a vacuum cleaner. I could vacuum a dirty floor all day just to hear the sound of little rocks or large piece of dirt being sucked into the hose of the vacuum. It like hits the side of the hose and rattles its way up all the way into the main dirt compartment of the vacuum. Ahhhh, its like music to my ears!

Letters. If you’ve ever met me, you would know that I love everything electronic. Computers, phones, calculators. Digital textbooks? Sign me up. Audiobooks? No problem. Snapchat? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Got them all. But one thing that will never be same as it was before the age of technology will be letters. Like handwritten, wait four days for it to arrive, snail mail kind of letters. The kind where you open your mailbox and your face lightens because someone took thirty minutes out of their day to sit down, write you a letter, address it, stamp it, and put it back in their mailbox for the mailman to come pick up. There is no better feeling in the world than getting a letter from a friend or family member. I know its going out of style, but letters make my weird little heart happy. 

Everyone has something that makes them happy, whether it be something completely normal and maybe even cliché or something completely out of the ordinary. If you love something it will make you happy, no matter what. Never be ashamed of what you love because you are only denying yourself happiness! No one should ever be able to take away what makes you happy, and never let anyone do that!

Peach out, enjoy lufas, and love the advertisements! BOOOOM!

Write about it Wednesday | | Being True to Yourself

Buenos dias Dream Chasers!

Sorry that it has been a while, yet again. I am home for Spring Break this week and boy oh boy does it feel good! Getting away from the snow and ice and making my way into the sunny mountains of North Carolina. I even got a sunburn from sitting on the porch reading a book for maybe a little too long without sunscreen on. I’m sure I’ll have loads more to tell you about my spring break when it is over, so I’ll do a weekly recap in roughly two weeks to let you know how my spring break went.

With that said, I guess I’ll start with my Write About it Wednesday (does that sound like a good name for these little motivational/rant type posts?) Today I wanted to talk about being true to yourself. It is a common struggle that almost all human beings go through in their lifetime. I praise the people who are always true to themselves because it is truly a hard task! It’s tough when you get your heart and feelings invested in people and situations to just “let go” of things when they’re not going right. It’s sometimes easy to stick with the feelings and situations that are “familiar” (even if they are super uncomfortable) rather than avail yourself to the great unknown. But one of the most liberating things you will ever do is to come to realize what things are NOT working for you and decide to get them off your path. That’s a tough lesson, but it’s a lesson that could mean the difference between feeling alive and feeling sick, stifled, and stressed out!

Not being true to yourself can be caused by many different things. For example, being put in a different environment that you aren’t used to, problems at home, a new girlfriend/boyfriend perhaps, maybe you want to become a better person and somewhere along the way you loose sight of your goal. Everyone has different reasons and barely anyone notices when they aren’t true to themselves, but the people around them do. Its like you turn around and suddenly you don’t recognize that person anymore. Not being true to yourself can be one of the most obnoxious things, but watching your friends not be true to themselves is truly heartbreaking. No matter what you say to them, you can’t snap them out of that phase. Everyone goes through it and being a good friend is about the best thing you can do if you find one of you friends drifting astray from who they truly are. No matter how much it hurts, you have to stick by their side. However, don’t put yourself in an unhealthy friendship. That doesn’t do anyone any good. Don’t resent them if they push you away. It is going to hurt, but if friends can push you out of their lives, were they even friends at all?

Alrighty then, I’m going to end it there. Long story short, stay true to yourself. Staying true to yourself when you are put in uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations shows the true character that you are. If you find you friends straying away from their character, don’t try to push them back into the person they were, that can only happen from them. Just be a good friend and try to understand what they are going through and why. Being an understanding friend is one of the best things you can be to someone.

Tootelie-dip! Have a wonderful rest of the week and I will talk to you again soon!

P.S. If you live in or around Mitchell County, North Carolina, I encourage you to go see Grease at Mitchell High School this Thursday, Friday, or Saturday at 7 or Sunday at 2!!! Tickets sell an hour before the show begins! It will be fantastic!