Salt and Ice Challenge

A few months ago, Corbin came over and we decided to be idiots and do the salt and ice challenge. Since I just finally got the evidence of our stupidity off my hand (redness, blisters, ect.), I thought I would finally upload this video! Please do enjoy, and if you try this BE CAREFUL!!! Also, I would apologize for the innuendoes.


National Coming Out Day

Happy National Coming Out day! Its time to support the LGBT’s in your community. Whether it be at school, on the internet, or just in your heart. Let’s give them a chance. The challenge our GSA Club at school gave us was to tell someone something that you have never told anyone else before. “Come out of the closet” about your favorite guilty pleasure. I challenge you to do the same.

And on that note. I will end this with saying that I love to spend hours dancing around like a complete nutcase in my room. It is my guilty pleasure.

The Rainbow Centre – JacksGap

This is what I want to do with my life. Visiting places around the world that are suffering from extreme poverty and working with the kids. I want to create better lives for those less fortunate than me. This is one thing that I find extremely important to me.