World Travels || Netherlands: 2016

Well, I’ve been a bit crap at keeping you up to date, so here is a big load of information coming your way all at once. Fun, right? Well, currently I am working at Camp Spring Creek as photographer, art teacher, lifeguard, and fill in counselor whenever I am needed (this is what happens when your parents run a summer camp). Camp is going quite well, and I am really enjoying myself. For security reasons and that sort of stuff, I am not really allowed to show you any pictures, but you can take my word for it that its just fantastic. There you go. Quick little life update.

Now we can get on to what this post is really about. A few weeks ago… Well, I guess it was actually around two weeks ago at this point, I came back from one of the most exciting adventures that I have been on this far. “What was that?” you may ask. And I would reply, “Good question”. This most-exciting-adventure was a trip around Europe. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration because we (my sister and two of her friends) only really visited two countries, but step foot in two others. Let me explain…

Because I am still a student and I wanted to pay for this trip myself, I went scouting for the cheapest flights I could find. It just so happened that the cheapest flights took me from Charlotte (USA), to Toronto (Canada), to Reykjavik (Iceland) and then to Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Then halfway through our three week trip, we boarded an insanely cheap Ryan Air flight to England and stayed there for a few days.

Well, heres a little blog post of pictures from my first week in Holland.


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