College Dorm Tour

Wait, what’s this? Back to back posts without a crazy awkward silences inbewteen. Is this a sign that Anina is finally getting her life back together? Well, not entirely, but I’m certainly getting there.

So, last week I shared with you guys that all was going well in college. I’m here, and I’m loving it. Even on these gloomy rainy days like today. Today, I thought I would give you a little tour of my dorm room. I’m pretty proud of it, even if it is small.

So, I’ll start at my desk. Here’s my little corner of creativity and academics. All the wall decorations are homemade with the exception of the Europe map (found in an old National Geographic Magazine) and the Toms flag (came with a Toms purchase). DSC_1605 And here is a closer view of my desk. Well, its my desk on an organized day at least. Don’t expect it to look like this all of the time. DSC_1609I feel like this picture pretty much tells a lot about me. I’ve got a lovely succulent (its my little obsession, maybe I’ll do a post on succulents soon), sticky notes in a desperate attempt to organize my life, a picture of the two most important people in my life, a robot that a camper made for me, a memory jar (which I need to work on filling up… dang you introverted self!), and an Instagram frame (favorite social media) with a picture of one of my best camp buds.

Also, more succulents, a light up marquee letter A, and a very hipster globe sit on top of this small wall that separates our small sink from the rest of our room. I definitely took advantage of a little extra space to set things. DSC_1616

Now I’ll show you my favorite part of my room. Its my pride and joy and I am oh so happy with it. I mean, look at all of it in all of its loveliness! Could it BE any more amazing! I am absolutely in love with my F•R•I•E•N•D•S wall! Okay, maybe the Friends obsession is a little bit overwhelming for some of you, but honestly, Friends is life.


And finally, the most used space in my dorm room! My sleeping castle! Complete with pictures of all of my favorites, paintings, quotes, and maps. 
DSC_1629I feel like my decorations are on point here. Again, all of these decorations are hand made, except for the world map (again, old National Geographic magazine). The top three paintings are Mimi van der Vorst originals (thats my Oma, or grandmother), and the rose one is an Anina orignal.
DSC_1628So yeah, there’s my dorm room. Pretty small, relatively simple, and 100% Anina. I hope you enjoyed this post. Its a little bit different, but I’m fairly proud of my room and wanted to share it with you. Mainly before all the decorations fall (Command Strips don’t seem to hold well in humid weather).

Well, I’ll catch you again soon. I’ve even got another post lined up, so you know I won’t let you down! In the mean time:

Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure! BOOM!


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