Write About It Wednesday: Speaking Up


For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am fairly introverted. I could not talk to anyone for a whole week, and I would be okay. The conversations I have with myself in my head are enough to keep anyone entertained for a lifetime. But, what I’ve discovered while being at college, is that sometimes, my introverted nature gets in the way. As much as I enjoy my time alone, I don’t want to be a crabby hermit for the rest of my life. I want to get out and do fun things. I want to travel the world, and meet people, and hear all of their stories. But its hard to make friends when you’re not very talkative, and not interested in partying. Its not like I want to stay in my room, but sometimes thinking about social events makes me anxious and overwhelmed, and then I end up missing out. Its a horrible game that my mind plays on me. 

So, here is my vow to myself to let my guard down. It may take a few weeks, or even months, but I want to start letting it down. I want to be more open and let people get to know the real me. I need to take my own advice and venture outside of my comfort zone. I need to set aside the fear of rejection  and failure, and just open myself up to all opportunities.

I admit, that this is going to be hard. Getting used to new situations is really difficult and can be stressful. Its just an awkward transition to go from a place where you knew everyone to a place 100 times the size, where you know no one. I’ll just take it one day at a time and remind myself that things will eventually change. Just like at Miss Halls School, NC State is an incredible community (although the size of a small city) and I feel comfortable here. I made amazing friends at Miss Halls School, and I am sure I will here too, but I wish it was easier. 

Here’s to letting guards down, and speaking up. Here’s to letting the world know that I exist!

Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure.


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