My Crazy, Wonderful 2015

Its that time of year again when I start reminiscing on all the wonderful things that have happened this year. 2015 has definitely been one of the best years of my life. So much has happened this year that I barely know where to start! I graduated from high school, went on an amazing trip to Europe with my sister, found a new appreciation for where I live, and started my first year of design school.

So, I’ll take you on a picture filled adventure of what I’ve done and where I’ve been this year! All in chronological order.

I started the year surrounded by family, fireworks, and all of the Dutch goodies. Holland, and especially my family’s small town of Boxtel is one of my favorite places on New Years. The whole town is lit up by fireworks and everyone is so happy!


I left Holland with a smiling face, knowing that my sister and I would be back to Europe in only a few months.


My second semester of senior year really was a blast. A semester full of AP courses didn’t stop me from making a few more memories with my friends. I will never forget our morning window talks, or our afternoon chats in the commons.

For Spring Break, my mother took me to San Francisco to visit my cousins. San Francisco and Sausalito are absolutely gorgeous and I hope I will be able to go back again soon. Plus it was nice to connect with my cousins who I rarely see. Tickle fights in the back seat, I think yes!

I finished up senior year with Prom, post-AP test park adventures, and the Academic Letter ceremony. These are all memories that I will never forget. Even if I did get lost on the way to prom, and had to take 5 long AP tests.

After my AP tests were finished, I hopped on a plane and joined my sister in Holland. My first stop was Toronto. I had a 6 hour layover in the city, so I took advantage of that time and explored a little bit. This was one of my favorite parts of my trip because I was exploring someplace that I had never been to before all on my own. I had to figure everything out by myself, and I have to say, I did a pretty damn good job! I only spent about two hours in Toronto, but I can now say I’ve been to Canada!


Holland was a new experience for me as well. I have been there so many times before, but this time was different because my sister brought two of her friends along with us. Its funny how when you bring a stranger to an area you know quite well, your perspective on that place changes a little bit. I also got to explore some more of the Netherlands that I had never been to including Volendam, Den Haag, and navigating Amsterdam all by myself.

Halfway through our trip we took a flight over to England and stayed with some family in Norfolk. There we saw Sandringham, the seals, and took a train into London for the day. I absolutely loved my time in England.

When I returned from Europe, it was straight to graduation! This day was full of excitement. We snuck in beach balls, took lots of photos, and best of all, I got to sit by one of my best friends and turn her tassel. Long ceremonies make lots of time for chatting secretly. 

This summer was one like no other as well. I was given the job of being the art teacher for 6 weeks, and found that it is so much harder than it looks. I also got really close to some of the campers and counselors, and look forward to seeing them again. 

The end of the summer was bittersweet, and as soon as all the campers had gone, I began packing up my whole life. I was off to start the next chapter of my life at NC State. So far, NC State has been such a great experience for me. I have met so many different people and have started getting close to them. I’ve also become closer to the other Mitchell County folk that are at NC State as well. 

In my studio class, I have pushed myself to think differently and have made some work that I am halfway proud of (more so for the amount of effort that I put into them rather than the final product), but its a learning curve, right. It will get better.

Coming back home for winter break has been a nice breath of fresh air, quite literally. Being back in my mountains is such a relief. I feel so at home here. Its been good to see old friends, explore the mountains, and rest (a lot).

Looking back on 2015, I don’t quite know how 2016 will top it. Its been a great year, but I am really looking forward to leaving some things behind and starting 2016.



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