I’m Back!

Hey dreamers,

I seem to have fallen off the planet, and I am super sorry about that. I’ve just been stuck in an uninspired moment of my life. I didn’t feel like my blog posts contained content that I was necessarily proud of, and it began feeling like a little bit of a chore. I wasn’t necessarily doing anything interesting or worth sharing with my life, so I was trying to fill that void with random posts. Posts that weren’t really worth reading, or spending the time to write. 

With that said, I have decided to no longer commit to scheduled posting days. I know that this is like a super big “no no” in the blogging world, but I think that sometimes it is necessary. I’ll still post when I do exciting things (I actually have a couple posts that I need to write still) but I won’t have to fill in the more mundane weeks of my life with fluffy posts. This means that all of the posts I do post will be super interesting (at least for me to write) and adventure filled.

In doing this, I feel like I will push myself to go on adventures so that I can share them with you. Also now that I think (I hope) Raleigh has officially broken from the chains of winter, the weather is more cooperative for exciting outdoor trips and exploring. I have a few posts in my head and ready to write, but I feel like I needed to explain myself and my lack of existence on this blog. 

Keep your eyes peeled for new posts soon with mountain adventures and maybe some life updates! Also, there is only about a month left until my trip to Europe which is sure to create a bunch of fun, adventure filled, young traveller blog posts. 

I hope you are having an absolutely wonderful day/week/month, and I’ll check back in within the week. If you haven’t already, click the little “Follow” button in the bottom right corner to get notified every time I post! 

Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure!

p.s. I am thinking about changing that last little line. Any ideas? Comment them below. 


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